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Last week at the launch of this year's Mackintosh Festival, Sven made the front cover of the Scotsman newspaper. Every October, The Mackintosh Festival invites you to celebrate the life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh through a series of exhibitions, events, workshops, talks & tours in Glasgow Mackintosh and partner venues throughout Glasgow and further afield.

Mackintosh Queen’s Cross has a full range of events including their recently-launched Walking Tours; an exhibition of replica Mackintosh chairs by Bruce Hamilton; a puppet show for young Mackintosh fans; a stencil workshop; the chance to hear artist Avril Paton talk about her art and the very popular Lids Open Day – where members of the public are invited to play the Church’s Steinway grand piano.

A list of all the Mackintosh Festival events are shown in the Festival Brochure below.


You can book all the events at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross at mackintosh/eventbrite, or tel. 0141 946 6600

Lunchtime with Roger Billcliffe

Saturday 4 November 12:00 - 14:00 at Mackintosh Queen's Cross

The Four – the name given by their student friends to Margaret and Frances MacdonaldHerbert MacNair and Charles Rennie Mackintosh – have never been the subject of a wide-ranging critical study. Roger thought the 150th anniversary of Mackintosh’s birth was an ideal time to address the questions surrounding their work and look afresh at their relationships as artists – not just as friends and then married couples.

Roger has long believed that Mackintosh was not the leader of the new style that grew up in Glasgow, specifically at Glasgow School of Art, in the 1890s. He might have broken new ground with his watercolour The Harvest Moon and early decorative works but it was the Macdonald sisters, particularly the younger Frances, who led the way in turning these ideas into a new style. Mackintosh’s public career, however, both in Glasgow as an architect and in Europe as a designer, focussed attention on him and his later achievements and led to him being seen as the ‘leader’ of the group, particularly in Europe.

The precocious Frances – who enrolled at Glasgow School of Art at the age of 16 – invented their new vocabulary and perfected their novel palette, often collaborating with her sister Margaret and friend – and future husband – Bertie MacNair. It was almost certainly she who drove their move into decorative metalwork, pulling the others, including Mackintosh, with her.

We are delighted to have Roger Billcliffe talk about his newly published book, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Art of the Four. Roger will also be available to sign copies of the book.

Tickets for the event cost £6.00 and can booked online at mackintosh/eventbrite

Future Concerts at Queen's Cross

Les Sirenes will be returning in December



You can book all the events at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross at mackintosh/eventbrite, or tel. 0141 946 6600


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What They Say.....


The Mackintosh Church was the highlight of our Mackintosh trip to Glasgow. It was the most authentic experience of all the buildings we visited, it was delightful.

An awe-inspiring building

Glasgow's hidden gem

A pleasure to visit - friendly staff

An artistic treasure house

A truly beautiful space

Completely wonderful

Simplicity at its best

Breathtaking – a beautiful space – peaceful and inspiring

Mackintosh was a genius


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