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Eggs on Legs Show with Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre

Eggs on Legs Puppet Show! Meet a family of zany eggs on legs in a show full of wonder, surprises and laughter at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross.

Eggs on Legs is hosted by Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre and Garlic Theatre and the show will take place at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross on Friday the 27th of March from 5pm – 6.30pm. Tickets cost £1 for individuals and £3 for families. Available on Eventbrite or physically from the shop at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross.

‘Every day, from here to there funny things are everywhere’ Dr Seuss

Meet a family of zany Eggs on Legs, living in a lost pocket of the globe. One day the wind blows a huge egg into their tree and they are excited to play with it. But what happens if it hatches and can they protect it from the slithery snake?

Garlic Theatre conjure a poetic, Dr Seuss world full of eggcentric puppets and music to make you roll around with laughter. A cracking family show bursting with wonder and surprise – you will never look at an egg in the same way again

Mark Pitman is the wonderful physical performer who takes us on a journey to a land of sand and wind where a family of funny and inspiring puppets, Eggs on Legs live in a rusty old bunker.

The show opens when the wind blows a hole in the roof of the shed. Pepe and Lela fly away in their eggplane to leave the 2 children and the eggdog alone at home. The adventure unfolds when a mysterious egg arrives in a gust of wind and Chico tries to play with it. As it hatches out Chico learns to care for it and encounters many surprises along the way.

The show is a warmhearted, poetic story with nurturing at its heart with beautifully crafted and manipulated puppets and gentle clowning.

This project is supported through Glasgow Connected Arts Network Commissioned Projects.